TS 6604H

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TS 6604H
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TS 6604H
Packing:1,000pcs per box.
Knob (L) available many sizes.

* The radial auto inserting machine enables automatic insertion into printed circuit boards.
* Owing to tactile feedback characteristics, the key touch provides a sharp click feel.
* Insert molding in the contact prevents flux build-up during soldering and permits auto-dipping.

* Operating switches in all types of electronic equipment such as audio apparatus, office equipment, communications apparatus, measuring instruments, TV sets, VCRs, etc.
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1Rated powerDC12V 50mA
2 Contact resistance Less than 100mΩ
3 Insulation resistance More than 100MΩ at DC 100V                   
4 Contact Life 100,000 cycles
5 MOQ 5000pcs